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$1299 Implant Post
Free Consult / CT Scan

Have lost or missing teeth been keeping you from smiling in photos or enjoying the food you want to eat? Dental Implants may be the solution for you! With Dental Implants, you will be laughing, talking, and eating like you used to. Best of all, they look and feel so natural that most people will never know that they aren’t your original teeth.

Paradise Dental wants you to see how awesome dental implants can be for you, That’s why we are offering complimentary Implant Exams and CT scans to patients who are considering Dental Implants. Should you decide to get Dental Implants after your consultation, you will receive your first dental implant post for the incredibly low price of $1299!

Call today to schedule your Implant Consultation, we look forward to hearing from you!

*Does not include membrane and bone grafting. Includes basic crown.

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