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We all like pretty teeth that allow a flawless smile. Unfortunately, we may not all be blessed with the perfect set of straight, white teeth. It is, however, very much possible to achieve that gorgeous smile you desire with the help of cosmetic dentistry.

Our cosmetic dental treatment in Pacoima can allow you to change the color of your teeth, hide the imperfections present such as spaces, cracks or internal stains, and can entirely change the way your smile looks.

We at Paradise Dental can provide you with a range of cosmetic dental treatments best suited to your needs.

What Cosmetic options do we offer

We provide the most popular and in-demand cosmetic dental treatments for all our valued patients, understanding their esthetic needs and providing the most effective treatment for each individual case.


Using bleaching agents to whiten the teeth significantly alone can enhance a dull, discolored smile.


Using tooth colored material to build-up deficient spaces or chipped teeth.


Wafer-thin shells that are bonded onto the front surfaces of teeth to change their shape, size, color and length.


For uneven, minor areas that just need a bit of reshaping or smoothening, teeth can be re-contoured to improve their appearance.