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The teeth can lose their brightness for many reasons. In order to improve their color and appearance, teeth whitening can be done. It is one of the most demanded and popular cosmetic dental treatments all over the US alone.

Teeth whitening or bleaching is performed on natural teeth which have become stained and discolored. Your teeth don’t look as pleasing and esthetic when you smile, and you become more conscious while talking.

In order to solve the problem of darkened or stained teeth, teeth whitening or bleaching can easily be performed to dramatically brighten, whiten and improve the look of your teeth.

How is it done?

For in-office bleaching, a bleaching gel containing hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide is applied into a transparent stock tray. This is then placed over the teeth which are submerged within the gel.

An activating light is then placed in front of the teeth to activate the gel and allow the bleaching process to whiten the front surfaces of all the teeth covered in bleaching agent. Within just an hour, your teeth can whiten up to six shades lighter!