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Addressing a dental emergency at the right time can save your teeth. A dental trauma can pose itself in the following ways:

  • Chipped tooth causing severe sensitivity
  • Cracked tooth associated with severe pain
  • Mobile tooth due to high impact
  • Displaced tooth within tooth socket
  • Complete avulsion or loss of tooth

All these dental traumas may or may not be associated with a cut or torn lip and gums, which can be very painful and increases the risk of contracting an infection.

How we manage

We are open to immediate contact if you have suffered a dental trauma. Contact us for first aid instructions over the phone till you can reach our dental clinic for intervention by us. This can greatly increase your chance of saving your tooth, as every minute counts in its prognosis.

Once you have arrived, we will take first-line measures to save your tooth. Following is a brief description of what we do:

  • Topical fluoride and composite build-ups
  • Partial pulpotomy (pulp removal) for a pulpectomy (complete pulp removal) depending on time lapsed and depth of pulp exposure
  • Mobile and displaced teeth are repositioned and stabilized with the help of splints
  • An avulsed tooth may be replaced and splinted
  • Tetanus shots for those who have open wounds from a dirty surface

Contact us us at Paradise Dental for guidance if in the need for emergency dental care and we will be ready for you.

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